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'''Jacob Kim''' is a daughter/son of '''Erebus'''.<sup><ref>[(link to character's profile on the forum) (Char's first name)'s Biography,] Demigod Creator, post (post number).</ref></sup>
'''Jacob Kim''' is a {{Basic_bio|title1 = Jacob Kim|image1 = 88e2488be31bce83147d38f261445354.jpg|caption1 = Jacob|full_name = Jacob Kim|gender = Male|age = 18|alias/nickname = The Emo|family = Di-Wa Kim (brother Deceased)|eyes = Differ with emotion|hair = Like his brother, Jacob also has thick black hair. Except his hair is short in a high and tight military style cut. His hair is still black and shiny though. Instead of having a tight curl of a Jew fro, his hair is straight.|species = Demi-Primordial|affiliation = Camp Halfblood|cabin = Erebus Cabin|residence = Camp Halfblood|status = Alive}}son of '''Erebus'''.<sup><ref>[(link to character's profile on the forum) (Char's first name)'s Biography,] Demigod Creator, post (post number).</ref></sup>

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Jacob Kim is a

son of Erebus.[1]


When Jacob isn’t the kind, caring, honest, and humble guy he usually is. He is one of the most Sadistic, most Fucked up people around. He is usually a very nice guy who will always try and stick up for those he cares about. But when he is angry, his personality does an almost complete 180. He will still stick up for the people he cares about, but the person he is mad at will feel the ultimate pressure, and the ultimate hate from Jacob.


Jacob was born on February 18th 2000, When his mother had found out that both of her children would be half deity, she had immediately started looking for ways of getting the materials for weapons that would be able to kill the various monsters that came with the territory. She had a friend who was actually an adult roman demigod, he had been the one to teach her about all things mythology.
The only family he had known was his mom, and grandfather (His mom’s side of course). They were both pretty strict with him, but he had always known that they loved him. Due to him being raised this way, and being raised with manners, he was always respectful to his elders, unless of course, they lost his respect. He would respect anyone as long as they proved themselves worthy. The people who were stronger than him but treated him like dirt? Nope, they didn’t deserve anybody’s respect. People who were weaker than him but treated everybody fairly? These people deserved respect. How about weaklings who treated people like dirt? Nope, they would get their ass’s kicked. The people he respected most of all were the ones who worked hard to get their power.

He had all but forgotten about his brother over the time of his life but he always felt as if something or someone was missing.
Throughout his time as a child he had never stopped studying. Being in an Asian Jewish family, there were always high expectations for him, be the best at math, be the best political mind in the class, be the best this and that, it was pretty overwhelming.

By the time he was 5, his mom had him reading at a college level. She had also taught him algebra and physics, and was getting started on pre-cal. Even though he was very smart, and able to do some basic martial arts, he was always pushed to do more. He had learned to be fluent in 3 different languages (Korean, English, and Hebrew) but he was raised to speak in Korean so he has a heavy Korean accent.

When he turned 6, he was given his weapons, and he started learning how to use them. He started with learning how to shoot a straight arrow. This had taken him quite a while and his grandfather had gotten rather mad at him a few times, and had taken a bamboo sword to the back of his knees. Jacob learned quickly that he needed to do well if he didn’t want to have walking problems. This happens to be one reason that Jacob always carries a bamboo sword with him, either in shadows or in his trench coat.
When he turned 7, he started learning how to use his dual swords. He was taught how to fight with both swords facing forward, both swords facing backwards, the right sword facing forwards and the left facing backwards, and vice versa. He had also learned about who his father was, but his mother had only known because Erebus had told her, she hadn’t taken it very well since they had just finished… to keep it SFW, i’mma say that they had just finished starting the production of Jacob.
At the age of 8, his mom had showed him how to survive on his own, she let him know about how the weapons had been special, and that they were made of Stygian Iron, one of the metals known to be able to kill the monsters of his world. She hadn’t told him but she had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and the tumor was too close to her brain stem to not be fatal.
She had given him enough food to last him a month, and also a few hundred dollars that would last him about a year afterwards. His grandfather was very much against this and kept insisting that he take care of Jacob, but sadly both Jacob and his Mom agreed that he had to go out on his own. His grandfather begrudgingly agreed to it but told him that if he needed help, Jacob could always come to him.
With that, he had left home and had started his journey around the US, and possibly the world. He wasn’t quite sure, but one thing he knew was that he wasn’t going to stay in minnesota for very long. At this point in time, none of his powers had manifested, and monsters hadn’t realized that he was a son of a deity.
The year was now 2010 and Jacob was now 10, he had been completely on his own now, the money had run out and so had the food. He was seriously considering going to his grandfather, but he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t just give up on the world and give in to the man. So he decided to keep on a living on his own.
When he was 11 he had decided that the world was a terrible place, he had been kicked, stepped on, bitten, and even almost raped. The guy had candy, how was he supposed to know that he had leather straps in his van… at least that candy guy wasn’t into weird symbols appearing over someone’s head, and the part about the dark fog rolling over him? Yeah nope! He was YEETED right on out of there.
Jacob had been very confused when that had happened because he didn’t know what was happening, but what he did know was that he felt different… more powerful… more dangerous…. More…. Actually, he was very hungry, why did he just now realize that?? Ohhhh wait… he had had candy, of course he was hungry! So he walked over to a cabbage stand and took some cabbages… the guy yelled something like “my cabbages!!!!” Before the stand mysteriously exploded, but Jacob took the cabbages he took and ran away.
He was 11 and a half when he realized he had a special power, the power of flight… the first thing he got were his wings… but he didn’t know how to fly yet…
On his 12th birthday he had gone to his grandfather, he had had enough with trying to live on his own, trying to learn about his powers on his own, he had had enough with trying to be a grown up, he needed someone. By this time he had flown around the US, and back again. His grandfather welcomed him with open arms and immediately resumed his training.
When Jacob was 13, he had been enrolled in Hockey, and had played a total of 3 games against his brother, he was now a brown belt in kung fu and was getting stronger everyday.
On Jacob’s 14th birthday his grandfather had passed away, and he had once again been left on his own… his grandfather had left him 1k dollars, and enough canned food to last a couple years. This time, Jacob was gonna be smart with his money.
The first thing Jacob bought was, of course, a trench coat. It had been pretty big for him at the time, but he would grow into it. The second thing he bought was a book satchel (THAT IS STILL NOT A PURSE) and now he had about 700 dollars left, he was doing very well with his money if you couldn’t tell (Hey, that rhymes! He could be an Apollo kid!) but now that he had spent so much money, he decided it was time to get a job. The first place he went for work was a mcdonalds in tennessee… that didn’t work out well, he had blown up the deep fryer on his first day, and had to run…. He decided that he had had enough of the United States, for him, the US was the worst place on the face of the planet, he decided to go Abroad, to places with open borders, to places that were free, to places that weren’t the US.
He realized his mistake when he got to Egypt, it was hot, it was mean, there were people killing each other everywhere, the police weren’t doing anything, and these weird people with what looked like boomerangs and rods kept on shooting stuff at him, Egypt didn’t like him very much. (little did he know, that the Egyptians that were shooting things at him were magicians of the first nome, and they had though he was a godling. Technically he was, but not in the same aspect.) He then made his way to israel… he thought that since he was a jew, and since he spoke hebrew everything would be ok! That’s a rational thought, right? Nope! Israel’s borders were tighter than america’s, but he had seen why. Left and right there were people screaming at each other, people fighting, it was terrible! So he decided to keep on moving.
When he got to Africa, he had seen a lot of the world, the only places he couldn’t seem to go were Greece and Rome, he didn’t know why but something kept on telling him that that was a bad idea, that if he went there, then there would be no turning back. Africa seemed ok though, he would be able to live on his own, have no rules to follow, no rent, no problems… LIES, there were many problems, for one, he couldn’t seem to find any water, secondly, he couldn’t seem to find any shade. Plus it was too warm for him, he needed someplace nice and cool. This was when he made his way to Antartica, mainly for the pengu’s.
Jacob made it to antartica, by now he was 15, but he didn’t like it. Those Pengu’s he was talking about? They were mean as fuck, they would bite his hands, his face, his…. Well, a place that should not be bitten, especially since he wasn’t in to that kind of thing, but he decided to leave the pengu’s and the Antartica.
By now, he had determined something… America was amazing, and he was an idiot for leaving. He decided to try again with the whole job thing, and try and have a good life. Timeskip to him being 17. He was now flying over camp halfblood, and was done with living on his own, he needed a break, and this place seemed good to him.

Fatal Flaw

His fatal flaw is holding grudges. He will hold a grudge even if it costs him his own life.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Reading: Despite being dyslexic, and ADHD, Jacob had always loved to read, from the day he could pick up a book, he would be reading it. And he would read it until he finishes it.
  • Hockey: Jacob, unbeknownst to him, has started hockey around the same time as his brother, when he was 9, and has actually played him in a couple games, if they had been without the helmets they probably would've noticed the resemblance between the two of them.​​​​​​
  • Tai chi: throughout his martial arts career, Jacob has been doing tai chi, he has become a matter of tai chi and has mastered the art of redirection. Even though he mainly only learned from books, he was able to completely master this form of martial arts.
  • Kung Fu: Jacob had taken Kung Fu since he was 4, until he was 8. Even though he had only advanced to the brown belt (the 21st-ish rank, this is not an easy achievement) but he had continued practicing even after he was sent out onto the streets. His style of Kung Fu was known as Soo Wah (Fire Water( Kung Fu.
  • Hapkido: Jacob, while taking Tai Chi and Kung Fu, had been urged to practice other forms of martial arts as well. And since his form of Kung Fu had used some styles of Hapkido, he decided that that would be one of the Martial Arts styles he would learn. He learned how to do Hapkido during his last year in an actual class. He only knows the basics though.
  • 'Kendo: His mom had actually taught him how to do Kendo. One day when he was 3, he barely knew how to talk, but he still knew what he wanted to do. He kept on pestering his mom to teach him how to use a sword. So she got him a stick, and taught him how to hit. He would practice that one move for years before she actually taught him how to fight and how to use a sword, though that one technique had helped him a lot.'
  • ​'Microbrewing: This boio is not such an innocent boio, He has been around the block a few times, and he had learned how to microbrew at the ripe young age of 10. He had been on the streets for two years when a hobo decided to show him the works.'
  • 'Getting drunk: This isn’t really a hobby, just his way of coping… at least he isn’t a smoker.'
  • 'Sharpening his Weapons: He likes to sharpen his weapons so much, that when he is done sharpening them they would be able to cut straight through the air itself.'
  • 'Caring for his possessions: He takes very good care of all of his possessions. Whenever his “admin” (as this server likes to call the writer’s) Isn’t typing, Jacob will most likely be caring for whatever he has on him, whether that be cleaning his Quiver, Polishing his weapons, or anything else like that.'
  • 'Cooking: Jacob absolutely LOVES to cook, almost as much as he loves Baking. His favourite part about it is (if he is cooking for someone else) when the person takes their first bite and their eyes light up in delight. That’s how good his food is.'
  • 'Baking: He loves to Bake as well, though it isn’t as much fun, since all the work is done before you put it in the oven. The smells of baking are still amazing to him though, have you ever smelled fresh baked cookies? MHMMMM, they are amazing!'

'With all these strengths, he still tries to find the time to be the best person he can be, he always tries to push down his Sadistic traits, and bring forward his caring ones.'


 He has many weaknesses, all of which could be potentially fatal to him. And most of which are like his       brother’s. These include:

  • He has a short temper at times
  • At times, instead of letting his anger out right away, he will push down his anger.
  • He is extremely sarcastic
  • He will sometimes be very annoying
  • In a fight, he will over complicate things and try to analyze every possible move that his opponent might make, this could be counted as a strength, but it is also a major weakness, because in a fight he will assume someone is doing one thing, when they do a completely other thing.
  • His self confidence is completely gone, this is because his entire life he has been telling himself that he’s a piece of shit and that he amounts to nothing. Since he has done this, even when he tries to be himself, and convince himself that he is something, that he is worthy of being alive, he will snap at himself and get extremely angry, though he doesn’t realize that this is the reason why.
  • If someone comes to him with a problem, then he will feel like he needs to help them. Even if stress is weighing down on him, he will ignore it and help whoever came to him.
  • When he isn’t feeling himself, he can also be a sadist

Likes & Dislikes


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Reference List

  1. [(link to character's profile on the forum) (Char's first name)'s Biography,] Demigod Creator, post (post number).


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  • ADHD: Like most demigods, he possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he uses to analyze the fighting style of his opponent.
  • Combat Prowess: He is trained in Multiple arts of war.
  • Dyslexia: His brain is hardwired for Greek.
  • Fighting skills: He is an exceptional spearman and swordsman. Jason's fighting skills are amazing seeing as how he bested Kronos' brother, Krios in hand to hand combat, a feat only Hercules has accomplished, who is technically Jason's older brother. He also slew the Trojan Sea Monster, easily defeated the skilled swordsman Lityerses, and dominated Mount Othrys by fighting through hordes of Scythian Dracanae and toppling Kronos' black throne. He had easily killed the storm spirits in The Lost Hero, and was holding his own against one of Medea's golden dragons. He has also shown to be able to hold his own against larger, more experienced, and more powerful opponents such as the Giant Enceladus, fought Polybotes even underwater though he was saved by Dylan the storm spirit, and even defeated Titans such as Krios. When possessed by Eidolons in The Mark of Athena, Jason fought Percy Jackson on even footing (Piper couldn't believe the speed of their sword fighting), and was only knocked out because he was distracted by Piper's Charmspeak. Jason can even use improvised weapons to fight as he used a wooden plank in the Wolf House in The Lost Hero to fend off numerous opponents. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason is able to fight two hundred ghosts of the Suitors, along with the help of Annabeth and Piper (replicating the feat of Odysseus), and ultimately defeats the Giant King Porphyrion with Zeus's help. Jason has even shown to be equal to Percy when it comes with fighting, even though Percy later states in The Son of Sobek that not many people can fight him well, indicating that Jason is a better fighter than most. Because Jason is trained in Roman legionary warfare, his fighting style includes analyzing your opponents' moves and learning their style, which was proven effective against Lityerses who was also surprised by his unorthodox style.
  • Superhuman Strength : Being a demigod of Jupiter, Jason is considerably stronger than the average mortal, and is stronger than most demigods. As he was shown to knock out demigods with one blow, smack around full-grown wolves with just a wooden plank, topple Kronos's black throne, deflect blows from giants, and was able to shatter Clytius's metal armor to pieces with one kick, even if the armor was a weakened by Hazel it was still an impressive feat. He threw Coach Hedge's club at Dylan, even when it was extremely windy. Most impressively, he claims to have destroyed Krios with his "own hands" though that most likely refers to him killing Krios by himself not killing him with bare hands.
  • Superhuman Agility : Being a demigod, Jason is a lot more agile than a regular mortal. As he was shown to vault over tall objects with ease, climbed all the way up to a huge Porphyrion head before the giant even reacted (though he might have used the wind to help him), and countless other feats.
  • Superhuman Durability : Being a demigod, Jason is more durable than a mortal, as he was able to shake off a kick in the chest from a giant, shook off getting hit by chariot in mid-air, and only manage minor injuries when getting hit by an explosion caused of the breaking of his spear. Jason fell from the sky into the Cyclopes home The Lost Hero, but had shown no signs of discomfort. He even managed to shake off several hits from the god, Eros.
  • Superhuman Reflexes : Being a demigod, Jason is faster than a regular human. He was able to dodge Enceladus attacks even when the earth was pulling him down in the Lost Hero. He easily dodged a spear thrown from Otis, the giant, and dodged Lityerses attacks, despite the latter being a fast fighter. He even deflects an arrow shot from Eros, even when he couldn't see the arrow.
  • Intimidation: Each Roman Demigod trained at the Wolf House has mastered the wolf-stare, a skill that intimidates their enemies so it is assumed Jason has learned it.
  • Medical Skills: Jason has shown that he has some medical experience, as he was able to fix Piper's hurt foot with just a piece of wood, gauze, and duct tape.

  • Wings: Children of Erebus have the ability to manifest wings of darkness and mist on their backs, these are not unlike those of children of Chaos, and Nyx, but they are almost the exact opposite of the wings of children of Aether.
    • Night vision:Children of Erebus have the ability to see in complete darkness, and anything less dark than that. The limit is that Jacob cannot see intense light without his ability glasses on.
    • Necromancy : Children of Erebus have the ability to revive the dead, and communicate those beyond the grave.
    • Erebokinesis:: Children of Erebus have a power known as Erebokinesis, which is not that much different from Umbrakinesis (shadow manipulation) in fact, it is almost exactly the same.
    • Blackouts:: Children of Erebus are able to create a blackout that only they can see through, These blackouts will be so powerful that no light will be able to break it.
    • Shadow Travel: Children of Erebus are able to travel throughout the shadows and appear at places a large distance away, it is much like teleporting, except it is specific to umbrakinetics.
    • Shadow Clone(s): Children of Erebus are able to create a shadow clone, or clones, that can help them with fighting.
    • Darkness Weapons: Children of Erebus are able to create superior weapons out of shadows, and darkness. If jacob does this, than only he will be able to use it.

Fear Aura: Children of Erebus have a fear aura superior to that of any other half deity being, these aura’s are able to scare Demigods, Demititans, and Monsters alike.

Magical Items

  • His dual swords are the type that Prince zuko from Avatar the last Airbender uses, where they can come together to make a single blade, or split to make dual. These swords are made of Stygian Iron, and have the crest of Erebus in the blades of them. They are both 6’ long and work rather well for Jacob.
  • His bow is a 6’6” long red elm wood bow that was intricately carved by his mother's hands and he has kept then with him his whole life, he wouldn't dream of letting any of his weapons fall into someone else's hands.His quiver is a larger quiver than usual, while an average quiver can hold anywhere from 18 to 50 arrows, this one can hold 150. Only special arrows though, the arrows that his mother had made for him when he was very young. They are slender celestial bronze arrows that are very air resistant and sharp to the touch. In the front of the quicker, which will always show from the way he wears it, there is the crest of Erebus etched into the black leather.
  • A Bamboo Sword: This sword is mainly used for training, and is made of strands of bamboo, loosely tied together to make a sword. If you are hit with this, no matter who you are, you will feel the sting.

Magical Pets/Companions



File:Thalia Grace.jpg

Jason's sister, Thalia Grace, was born to Zeus. Thalia is a Greek demigod, because when Zeus visited her mother the first time, he was in his Greek form. When Zeus came to Jason's mother for the second time, he came in his Roman form, Jupiter. Jason was, therefore, a Roman demigod, while his sister is Greek. It is shown that Jason cared for his sister. He felt somewhat depressed that Thalia found a new family in the Hunters of Artemis. However, it is shown that when Jason first saw her picture, and Annabeth told him her last name, his instincts told him she is dangerous, as Juno left enough memory to know that digging up his past could be disastrous and that she was his sister.

Love Interests

File:Piper McLean.jpg

She and Jason share many romantic moments throughout The Lost Hero. He had a great deal of concern for her, as he did everything to help her. He puts his hand on her waist to support her when she collapsed due to hypothermia. At the end of The Lost Hero, the two have a romantic moment at the end of which they repeat what had apparently occurred in Piper's Mist induced the memory of them kissing. Also, Jason had strong feelings for Piper, but he was worried about their future.

In The Demigod Diaries, Leo comments that Jason and Piper are dating, which takes place two months after their quest to save Hera. Piper also gives Jason a goodbye kiss just in case they don't get to see each other if the engine of the Argo II blows up. Since the engine did not blow up they continue to date for the next 6 months.

In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth introduces the two as boyfriend and girlfriend. She also gives him the nickname Lightning Boy. Piper constantly doubts that Jason did not have any feelings for Reyna, despite the many times he denied it. Even so, their relationship remained intact. When the two are drowning (along with Percy), Piper mouths to Jason that she loves him.

In The Blood of Olympus, Jason admits that while dating the daughter of the goddess of love, he was always afraid of doing something unromantic and angering her mother. After the defeat of Gaea and the Giants, Jason kisses her passionately under the stars. He reminds her of their first kiss, which was really just a trick of the Mist, but has now finally come true. He tells her that they're starting over, and that was their first kiss. They then rest there, and Piper says that, for once, she feels like it is it possible to start over.

However, in The Burning Maze, it was revealed that Piper broke up with Jason for unknown reasons. Despite this, it is heavily implied that they still had lingering feelings for each other.

File:Reyna full body.jpg

The memory of her made him rethink what he was doing with Piper, and made him uneasy, though he did not know why. It's revealed in The Son of Neptune by Reyna to Percy that if Jason hadn't gone missing, a romantic relationship might have developed, since Reyna said that it was common for there to be romance between praetors, since they work together so much. When the Argo II arrives in the sky Reyna says that she hopes Percy is right and Jason is aboard the ship, stating that she has missed him.

In The Mark of Athena, it is stated by Jason, that he'd never felt more than friendship for Reyna. However, when the two once both went on a quest, after Reyna talked with Aphrodite, he states that she never acted the same to him again. Piper speculates that Reyna admired Jason mainly for his noble behavior and his good self-discipline. 



Despite their time at the Wilderness School being fake, Leo still considers himself Jason's friend. He even volunteers to go on a quest with him and goes to repair the Bronze Dragon to give them a way of transportation. Despite Leo and Jason having been good friends, Leo felt jealous of Jason. People looked at Jason and respected him for being the son of Zeus (really Jupiter) and thought he was handsome and powerful, while he only sees himself as the lowly mechanic. He also feels left out as Jason and Piper start to form a real relationship. The only time he doesn't feel jealous of Jason is when Thalia talks to Jason about his past and how Hera had taken him away from their mother | mother. Leo remembers that while his own life wasn't that good, his mother wasn't possessive of Hephaestus and only wanted Leo to know him.

Jason, on the other hand, harbored a great deal of respect for Leo, and was inwardly ecstatic when Leo offers to accompany him on the quest to save Hera. He acknowledges his ability to keep him and Piper alive in The Lost Hero, noting that their quest would have failed if not for him. Jason felt more at ease when around Leo, as he requests that he stay with him during his talk with Thalia for support. Even after Leo fires on Camp Jupiter due to the influence of the Eidolons, Jason (along with Piper) did not blame Leo, confident that he would never actually do such a thing despite the other demigods' doubts.

Leo remains Jason's best friend throughout the series, and was devastated after Leo's death in The Blood of Olympus. Several days later, he and Piper do their best to remember all of the cheerful memories associated with Leo and stay up all night on the roof of Cabin 1 in the process. Part of him was still hopeful that Leo had somehow survived, despite all odds.

In The Hidden Oracle it is revealed that after Jason and Piper listen to the holographic scroll and learn of Leo's survival (several days after Gaea's), they are exuberant, and tirelessly search for him for most of September, until Chiron finally persuades them to resume their school year.

Jason and Percy first meet in The Mark of Athena and have been shown to have been on good terms. Percy says that Jason "thinks the same way he does" and mentioned a "spark of friendship." They both shared many similarities: both are sons of one of the Big Three and extremely powerful demigods; both were excellent swordsmen; both were leaders at their respective camps; both have killed the Giant Polybotes; both hated Octavian; and both were chosen by Juno to be switched in order to bring the Seven Heroes of Olympus together.

File:Grip da percy.jpg

Annabeth calls their relationship a "budding bromance", as the two seemed to get along well. While fighting Otis and Ephialtes, the two are able to work well together as a team and manage to earn Bacchus' respect. It is also shown that when working together their powers got more intense when they created a huge storm at Fort Sumter while fighting the Romans.

Jason and Percy also had a small rivalry going, such as when Jason and Percy both go for the head chair at a table and Jason even causes sparks to fly, but Annabeth took the chair in the end. Also, when apologizing to Percy after being possessed and forced to fight each other, he comments that he could have killed Percy. Percy turns this around saying he could have done the same, but Jason doubted this unless there was an ocean in Kansas.

When Percy and Annabeth come out of Tartarus in The House of Hades, Jason was the first person to hug Percy in greeting. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason and Percy continue to be brotherly (even referring to each other as "bros"), and Jason admitted to admiring the son of Poseidon for once being able to turn down Zeus' offer of immortality.

File:Hazel Levesque.jpg

Jason remembered her in the last part of The Lost Hero as being her friend back at the Roman Camp. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel tells Percy that after she arrived, she had only known him for about a month before he disappeared, so they hadn't known each other well. From Hazel's point of view, it is assumed that she and Jason were friends. She even compares Jason to Percy, stating that they both had the same look, as if they had both seen their fate, and were waiting for it to happen. When they both confront Sciron, in The House of Hades Hazel notes that she couldn't figure Jason out well, as he acted "too perfect", and that she would rather have Nico, Frank or Percy at her back. Still, Hazel does trust Jason, and they cooperated well in defeating Sciron. 

File:Frank Zhang.jpg

Jason and Frank first meet in The Mark of Athena, despite both coming from the Roman camp, similar to Percy and Leo. The two don't have much interaction in the book, but according to Hazel, Frank is "in awe" of the son of Jupiter. In The House of Hades, to save everyone, Jason signs over his praetorship to Frank, as the Roman zombies don't recognize Jason anymore, due to him signing himself over to the Greeks of Camp Half-Blood. After saving Percy and Annabeth, the two are seen talking quietly at the helm. In The Blood of Olympus, Jason and Frank also lead the backup charge into the Parthenon after Piper, Percy, and Annabeth.

File:Annabeth Chase-Viria.jpg

Though it seemed like it to Piper, Jason liked Annabeth as a friend but had no romantic feelings towards her. In The Lost Hero, Annabeth was the one who told him about Thalia, which sparked the memory of her and his last name, Grace. Annabeth claimed Thalia had never told her she had a little brother, but Jason insists that she does. At the end of the book during the Senior Counselors' meeting, when Jason tells where he's from and where Percy is, Annabeth says that she is going with them, mostly because of Percy. Jason agreed that he would want her along, mostly because he knew that she had already figured out where Percy was and the danger he could be in. In the beginning of The Mark of Athena, it is shown that Annabeth still somewhat distrusts Jason, thinking that he was too perfect because he always did everything nobly, did nothing against the rules, and even looked too perfect and she half expected him to turn on them at the second they land. However, during their journey to Rome they come to rely on and trust each other more, and after Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus, Jason feels responsible for not saving them. 

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In The Mark of Athena, when Nico's sister, Hazel was intent on saving him from Rome, Jason pointed out that it might be a trap and also found Nico's loyalties doubtful, because despite knowing about both the camps, Nico did not tell anyone (a statement which made Hazel incredibly angry). Jason had also learned from Percy about the incident in Hades' Palace (in The Last Olympian), thus becoming uneasy about being around Nico, and even admits to being afraid of the son of Hades. This, however, changes in The House of Hades, when they venture into Salona to retrieve Diocletian's Sceptre and encounter Cupid.

There, Cupid forcibly makes Nico reveal about his true feelings for Percy, nearly reducing him to tears. Jason finally understands why Nico always shied away from people and was always alone and for Nico's sake, keeps it a secret. After the encounter, Jason becomes much more empathetic towards Nico. At Notus' palace, Jason tries to befriend Nico as he felt it was the only way to help him out, but Nico once again pushes him away. Jason angrily retorts that Nico had run away from everyone for far too long and that he should come out of his shadows and trust Jason. Later, as they approach the House of Hades, Nico first offers the chalice full of poison to Jason, asking him to trust him. Nico fights along with the other demigods in the ensuing battle and it is implied that he and Jason were now on good terms.

In The Blood of Olympus, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (including Jason) dying made him feel empty — like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar. In fact, Nico's primary concern (after his sister Hazel) was for Jason. After Gaea's defeat, when Nico finally decides to stay at Camp Half-Blood, Jason was so excited to hear it, that he gave the son of Hades a bear hug, which Nico returns.

Jason started to remember him at the end of The Lost Hero. When Juno returns some of Jason's memories, he remembers several of his friends, with Bobby being one of the names mentioned. Not much is known about him but his name. Bobby is only seen in The Son of Neptune, when he gives Percy, Frank, and Hazel a ride on Hannibal to the Camp Jupiter gates.

Because Jason kind of remembered her, it can be assumed they had been friends. In The Son of Neptune, she was a Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, but after the position was given to Frank, she retired after ten years of service to attend college in New Rome.

A Senior Centurion of the Fifth Cohort, he and Jason were friends at Camp Jupiter. Jason apologizes to him before knocking him unconscious at Fort Sumter.

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